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Hey Kids, Robotics is as Good as Video Games and Sprint Cars

While the industrial robotics industry has been around since the 1950s, and hit its stride in the 1980s, pursuing an education in industrial robotics is still not in the front of many young students’ minds. Today, most manufacturing and material handling companies (small to large) are exploring integrating robotics into their processes. For robotic integration and servicing companies, like Motion Controls Robotics, we are noticing huge growth in the need for robotics and the need for maintenance and updating of robotics currently in the field.

Tyler’s Mom told his teacher, “Tyler wants to go to college to learn more about robotics and come to work at Motion Controls Robotics. He has never shown an interest in anything other than video games and sprint cars.”

robotics tours

This all means there is a growing need for students with interest and education in the robotics fields. These include careers in electrical and mechanical engineering, robot and PLC programmers, robotic service, and project management.

Robotics Tours

Each year we invite schools to bring their classes to Motion Controls Robotics for a tour of our facility. Many classes have come through our facility to get a chance to see robots in action and get a behind the scenes look at the engineering that is also involved. Oh, and of course, some pizza for lunch!

One group of fifth-grade students from Stamm Elementary toured the engineering area and got a chance to go out on the floor and see a variety of robot systems being built and in action. The kids loved exploring each robot cell both through engineering design and programming.

There was one student, Tyler Royster, who went home and told his mom all about the tour with lots of excitement. He told her he wants to go to college to learn more about robotics so he can come to work at Motion Controls Robotics.

Tyler’s mom told his teacher Nichole Almroth, “Tyler has never shown an interest in anything other than video games and sprint cars.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County understands the need for Sandusky county to give kids the chance to get involved in the industries in their community. They offer two great programs to improve this awareness: Bridge and REACH. Bridge allows companies to post opportunities for older students to shadow, tour, or be involved in projects in a field that interests them. REACH introduces upper elementary students to career options that are available.

The news of Tyler’s interest in Motion Controls Robotics is very exciting – not only to spark an interest in a student but to see that there is a growing interest in the robotics field. We also work with colleges around the area, such as the University of Toledo and Bowling Green, to hire Co-op students. Each year our booth at their career fair is seeing more and more students interested in entering the field.

Learn more about The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County Contact Motion Controls Robotics to setup a Facilty Tour

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