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Reading a Robot Cell Quote

When a company asks for quotes to integrate a robotic cell to replace their current…

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Robotic Picking and Packing Essentials

Thinking about integrating a robotic picking and packing operation to increase productivity? This article discusses…

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Top 7 Robot Moves for 2016

Industrial robotics is growing year after year because companies are seeing the benefit of adding…

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Structured vs Random Bin Picking

Robotic bin picking is a term used to describe a variety of processes where a…

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Motion Controls Robotics takes your challenges seriously. We develop innovative solutions for each of our customers. See some examples in the case studies below.

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This is the eighth cell that we have purchased from Motion Controls and they are now the only vendor of robotic MIG cells at our plant. I’m sure that as we are growing we will continue to rely on them for new systems.

John Kachline LUK

As far as integration goes, Motion Controls Robotics does a fantastic job. They were on target every time and never leave you hanging. The projects are on schedule, on budget and the engineering works right the first time or with minimal changes.

Manufacturing Engineer Flexcon Industires

The project manager was obviously customer driven. The quality of his work along with his concentration of detail made this line a “showplace” within the Molded Plastics Division. Thank you for the work done here at Sonoco with the completion of the programming and training of our shortening container packaging line.

The Motion Controls Board Handling System allowed us to increase production by 60 percent due to a faster run rate. Overall, we have seen an average of a 20% to 30% increase in production speeds.

Plant Manager

“Everything in the plant runs much more smoothly with the Robotic SUBTA. More bottles are being produced, but the pace seems slower since there was a reduction in complexity in the system.”

Plant Manager

When we perform projects of this scale here at Bristol Firestone, we place a high value on working with competent contractors & vendors. Your company and employees go beyond competent.

Project Manager Firestone Building Products

“I am awe-struck at the work done by Motion Controls Robotics on the bottle automation project for my end customer. The equipment, the integration, the complexity of the project.”

Account Manager
Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

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