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Three Considerations for 3D Bin Picking Applications

Some have called bin picking the “holy grail” of robotic automation and it certainly is all the rage in automation circles. What production manager or plant manager doesn’t want to have unattended machine loading operations, so their increasingly scarce plant…

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Structured vs Random Bin Picking

Robotic bin picking is a term used to describe a variety of processes where a robot is used to pick and place components from a bin. Depending on what happens upstream in the component manufacturing, the final bins can be…

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Mapping the Way to Robotic Bin Picking

Robotic Bin Picking Bins are often used in the manufacturing environment to hold parts included in an assembly process. The parts are usually randomly placed or dumped into the bins and then moved in-line for the assembly process. Automating the…

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The FANUC R2000iB – Versatile and Strong

The FANUC R2000iB series six- axis robot is versatile in the industrial environment because it has a compact form and slim arm. It is FANUC’s most popular robot. Despite its slim arm the R2000 robot actually has an industry leading…

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