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FANUC M410 Series Robot




Download Spec Sheet

Floor Mounted
M410iC/110 110 kg 2403mm M-410iC-110.pdf
M410iB/140H 140 kg 2850 mm M-410iB-140H.pdf
M410iC/185 185 kg 3140 mm M-410iC-185.pdf
M410iC/500 500 kg 3143 mm M-410iC-500.pdf
M410iC/315 315 kg 3140 mm M-410iC-315
M410iB/700 700 kg 3140 mm M-410iB-700.pdf

See the benefits of selecting the FANUC M-410 for Palletizing



The M410 is made for Palletizing

  • The M410 was the first robot dedicated to palletizing.
  • High operating speeds allow for increased throughput.
  • A variety of model options from medium to high payload.
  • With custom tooling M410s can handle cases, drums, rolls, bags, large to small flat products…almost any product that needs palletized.
  • FANUC PalletPRO simulation software is available to build, debug and test your palletizing application.

FANUC M410 Robot is an intelligent palletizing robot. The M410 can handle a variety of product sizes with custom end of arm tooling.


  • Material Handling
  • Palletizing/Depalletizing

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