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FANUC R2000 Robot Series

The FANUC R2000 robot is compact, reliable and easy to use. The R2000 robot is best suited for palletizing, material handling and assembly.




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Wash Down
R2000iC/210WE 210KG 2450mm R-2000iC210WE.pdf
Floor Mounted
R2000iC/165F 165KG 2655mm FANUC-R-2000iC-165F
R2000iB/100H 100KG 2655mm R-2000iB-100H.pdf
R2000iC/210F 210KG 2655mm FANUC-R-2000iC-210F
R2000iC/270F 270KG 2655mm FANUC-R_200iC-270F
Floor Mounted – Long Arm
R2000iC/125L 125KG 3100mm R-2000iC-125L.pdf
R2000iC/210L 210KG 3100mm FANUC-R-2000iC-210L
Rack Mounted
R2000iC/210R 210KG 2518mm R2000iC-210R.pdf
R2000iC/270R 270KG 3095mm R-2000iC-270R.pdf
R2000iC/165R 165KG 3095mm FANUC-R-2000iC-165R
R2000iB/200T 200KG 2200mm R2000iB-200T.pdf
R2000iC/100P 100KG 3500mm R-2000iC-100P.pdf
Hollow Arm
R2000iD/100FH 100KG 2605mm R2000iD-100F.pdf
R2000iD/165FH 165KG 2605mm R-2000iD-165FH.pdf
R2000iD/210FH 210KG 2605mm R2000iD-210FH.pdf


FANUC R2000 Series Robots

While Motion Controls Robotics uses the R2000 for a variety of applications, the FANUC R2000 Robot is best suited for:

  • Palletizing
  • Machine Loading
  • Part transfer
  • General industrial handling applications

R2000 Application Video

Tech Talk Article Featuring the R2000

Additional information


Floor, Rack, Upside-Down



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