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FANUC M710 Robot Series

This medium payload robot has precise, high speed joints and an IP67 (ingress protection) rating for working in harsh environments.



Reach / Work Envelope

Wide Motion
M710iC/45M 45 KG 2606mm
M710iC/50 50 KG 2050mm
M710iC/70 70 KG 2050mm
Compact Design
M710iC/50S 50 KG 1359mm
Long Arm
M710iC/12L 12 KG 3123mm
M710iC/20L 20 KG 3110mm
Celing Mount – 5 axis
M710iC/50H 50 KG 2003mm
Overhead Rail Mounted
M710iC/50T 50 KG 1900mm
M710iC/70T 70 KG 1900mm



FANUC M710 Robot Series

Motion Controls Robotics uses the M710iC for a variety of applications.
The FANUC M710iC Robot is also perfect for:

  • Packing and palletizing
  • Assembly
  • Material handling
  • Material removal
  • Machine load/unload
  • Foundry applications
  • Painting and sanding
  • Waterjet cutting/routering
  • Part transfer
  • Bin picking

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Floor, Angle, Wall, Ceiling



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