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Robotic Stacking of Flat Panels

Why use Robotic Stacking for Panels, Polyiso, Boards and Other Flat Product?

Motion Controls Robotics has developed more than 20 robotic systems that handle flat products. We have packed or stacked flat material made of glass, Polyiso, plastic, fiber board, and wood. This video shows many of our projects and explores the variety and flexibility of robotic cell design.

Robotic Stacking – Video Highlights

  1. These robotic cells for flat material handling have flexibility for size and thickness. The same robot and conveyor system can stack a variety of panel sizes which is perfect for manufacturers having a variety of SKUs.
  2. robotic stacking

  3. FANUC Robotics makes sure to have a wide range of robots, so we can select the one best for your process. This means we can select a robot to match your speed and production rates.
  4. Material stacking options can include adding tier sheets or turning product to keep stacks straight.
  5. Other automation options that are available through Motion Controls Robotics are part transferring, stretch-wrapping, and end-of-line material handling.

If you are tasked with a process that includes handling flat materials and you want to look at a robotic stacking solution, fill out our request for evaluation form. This form lets you select a date that works best for your schedule for a sales engineer to come to your facility to review your flat material handling.

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