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Development Process of the M-20iD Robot

The newly developed M-20iD series is a combination of the benefits of two different M-20 robots merged into one robot. These models both have positive attributes suited for certain applications, but in today’s industry, FANUC realized adding them together in…

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Completely Enclosed M20iB

The M20iB/25 got a makeover that crossed the performance and capabilities of the LR Mate and the M20iA. This new model offers increased: payload from 20 kg to 25kg work envelope and reach from 1812 mm to 1853 mm average…

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FANUC M20iA Series Robot

With a payload up to 20 kg (44 pounds), the M20iA series is best in its class when it comes to payload, reach, and axes speed. The utilities for the M20iA are found in the hollow arm to eliminate dressout…

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Automated Welding with FANUC’s ARC Mate Series

FANUC offers a variety of ARC Mate robots specifically designed for precise, high speed cutting and automated welding. Automating welding increases weld quality and throughput while decreasing manufacturing costs. All FANUC ARC Mate robots are servo driven, six axis robots.…

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