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7 Most Popular FANUC Robots

Adding robotics to improve a process is one way to keep competitive in a tight market. According to Robotic Industries Association (RIA) over 28 thousand robots were added to North American facilities in 2015.

What robots are the most popular robots to be added to facilities? Motion Controls Robotics has a list of our top 7 most popular FANUC robots, based on the quantity of each robot type we quote for prospective customers.

Motion Controls Robotics focuses our robotic integration expertise on material handling applications including product pick and place, case packing, and palletizing. This sector of the robotic industry saw a strong 24% increase in robotic application use last year. This growth is predicted to remain constant for the next 2-3 years (RIA).

MCRI's 7 Most Popular FANUC Robots

  1. R1000/R2000 Series-The R1000/R2000 series of robots are extremely flexible, high speed robots in the medium payload class. Motion Controls Robotics most popular robot series is consistent with the “Most Successful Robot in the World” according to FANUC, the R2000. While these robots were originally designed for applications in the automotive industry, their versatility makes them relevant in many applications. Here at MCRI we select this robot for general material handling and palletizing.
  2. MCRI received a 50+ robot sales award from the 2016 FANUC America Integrator’s Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the second year in a row that MCRI received this award.
    MCRI received a 50+ robot sales award from the 2016 FANUC America Integrator’s Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the second year in a row that MCRI received this award.
  3. M410 SeriesThe M410 series is purpose-designed and built for palletizing. There are a variety of models in this series allowing for payloads up to 700kg. Our two best sellers in this series are the M-410iB/140H and the M-410iC/185.
  4. M710 SeriesThe M710 series is great for modular, compact applications such as case packing and palletizing cells, part pick and place, bin picking, furnace loading/unloading, and other press tending applications. This robot’s standard model has a high ingress protection (IP) rating, so it is often selected for dirty work.
  5. LRMate Series LRMates are fun to work with because they have so much flexibility in function. This lighter payload robot series is commonly selected for picking and case packing applications. The LRMate series has a variety of options in the food grade model for picking and packing food items. LR Mates are also fast with up to 85 robot cycles per minute (CPM).
  6. M10 SeriesThe M10 series has the latest in intelligent technologies allowing for easy integration and a payload limit of 12 kg. MCRI used a quantity of six M10 robots in a layer building and sorting application that was a finalist for FANUC’s Innovative System of the Year award for 2015 (video).
  7. M20 SeriesM20 series is very similar to the M10, but this series handles the larger payload applications with models from 10kg to 35kg.
  8. M2000 SeriesOur newest robot to join the list is the heavy weight champion weighing in at up to 2300kg load capacity including end of arm tool. MCRI uses this large payload robot mainly for roll handling applications. In these applications a product comes in large, heavy rolls and needs to be moved from one station to another.

best selling robots

Learn more about each robot by clicking the robot’s series name. If you need more information contact MCRI through the new robot request form.

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