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FANUC Compact Collaborative Robots

FANUC’s 3 Compact Collaborative robots add more options to FANUC’s Collaborative line-up. Collaborative robots work alongside humans in a defined workspace. These compact collaborative robots combine FANUC’s long-lasting reliability and safety features (certified TUV ISO 10218-1:2011) allowing the collaborative robot to work in a variety of applications.




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Floor / Upside Down / Wall / Mobile Cart
Speed – 500mm/sec working collaboratively – 1000mm/s when safety monitored working alone
CR-7iA 7 KG 717 mm CR-7iA.pdf
CR-7iA/L 7 KG 911 mm CR-7iAL.pdf
CR-4iA 4 KG 550 mm CR-4iA.pdf
CR-14iA/L 14 KG 911 mm cr14ial.pdf
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FANUC CR-4iA, 7iA, 7iA/L Collaborative Robot

FANUC’s Compact Collaborative robots are perfectly suited for a variety lightweight applications such as:

  • Material handling
  • Part transfer
  • Assembly
  • Picking and packing

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