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Download Spec Sheet

SCARA SR-3iA 3KG 400mm SR-3iA.pdf
SCARA SR-6iA 6KG 650mm SR-6iA.pdf
SCARA SR-20iA 20KG 1100mm sr-20ia.pdf
SCARA SR-20iA E 20KG 1100mm sr-20ia.pdf
SCARA SR-12iA 12KG 900mm SR12iA.pdf
SCARA SR-3iA/H 3KG 400mm sr-3iah.pdf
SCARA SR-6iA/H 6KG 650mm sr-6iah.pdf
SCARA SR-12iA E 12KG 900mm sr-12ia.pdf



These are versatile 4 axis robots. They are affordable little workhorses for a variety of applications.
Get a SCARA for:

  • Pick and Place
  • Product Sorting
  • Packaging Applications
  • Inspection
  • Assembly

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SCARA Sorting

Automated end of line sorting can be done using SCARA robots
You will see in the video below how SCARA robots can be added to an incoming conveyor to sort products to a case packing location. We have had customers in the food and consumer goods use SCARA robots as an affordable and smart way to add sorting for end of line packaging.

  • SCARA robots have a very small work envelope that allows them to be easily added to a current conveyor.
  • SCARA robots are fast and consistent.
  • SCARA robots typically have the best repeatability performance of all robot types.
  • Vision and various sensors can be attached to be robot.

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