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Find Your Robot Integration Project

Use the search filters to find a system you would like to review and/or see at work in a video. Click on the row for more information about the system and a link to a project page. You can select more than one Application filter option to see multi-application systems. Use the clear button or click the checkmark to remove the filter. Motion Controls Robotics has designed and built 100s of systems, but this is a sample for you to discover. Contact us if you want to learn more or have questions about a specific application. CONTACT MCRI 

Search Filters:

Project Name wdt_ID Project Image Brief Project Description Application FANUC Robot Link to Robot Info Link to System Info Case\Product Weight Type of Product Industry
Flexible Packaging for Blown Plastic Film 1 full-flexible-packaging-150x150.png Robot erects a case at the main station and picks and packs a roll. Moving to the case to the label station and then finally palletizing the case. Palletizing, Case Erecting, Case Packing, Labeling, Picking R1000iA/80F 20 Roll, Plastics Film, Automotive
Film Palletizing 2 Film-handling-150x150.png Film rolls are picked from an upender and palletized - a variety of film sizes. Picking, Palletizing, Pallet Dispenser R2000iC/165F 20 Plastics, Roll Film
Robotic Part Stacking – Wood Planks 3 part-stacking-150x150.png The product being stacked is planks of wood that have just left a bander. The banding connects the planks but is perforated at both ends of the boards. These planks are stacked/sorted based on part size. Stacking, Sorting R1000iA/80F Boards Building & Construction, Consumer Goods
Robots Doing Cold Room Case Palletizing 4 case-palletizing-150x150.png Milk and juice is packed in cases and palletized by the row in a cold room environment Palletizing M410iC/185 42 Food, Case, Beverage Food & Beverage
Plastic Jug Palletizing in Small Robot Cell 5 plastic-jugs2-150x150.png This small footprint cell accomplishes a variety of tasks using two robots for increased throughput. The smaller payload robot picks and places trays and dollies while the larger palletizing robot picks rows of jugs. Palletizing M410iC/185
M710iC/50 8 Jugs, Plastics, Beverage Food & Beverage
Application FANUC Robot Type of Product Industry
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