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Robotic Roll Converting

Converted materials are typically produced in continuous sheets, rolled for more convenient handling and transportation. Roll weights that can be carried directly by a robot can vary from less than a pound to over 2000 pounds and diameters from less than an inch up to 96” or more. As a Level 4 Certified Servicing Integrator of FANUC America, MCRI has complete access to the widest range of four and six-axis robots in the world – allowing us to select the absolute best fit robot for your requirements.

MCRI supplies robotic work cells to a variety of converting companies, from construction material manufacturers to personal care products to primary metals companies. MCRI has robotic solutions for processing and packaging raw materials such as polyesters, adhesives, silicone, tapes, foams, plastics, felts, rubbers, liners and metals and other materials.

Like many other manufacturing segments, converting companies face the challenges of SKU proliferation and shorter production runs. A well designed robotic work cell can provide the flexibility necessary to handle and process a wider range of products. Fast changeover times, sometimes on the fly change capability, can be incorporated into robotic work cells.

Whether you are printing, laminating, coating, slitting, or any combination of these steps, contact MCRI for robotic solutions to move your rolls through your processes and out the door, in whatever final package you require – jumbo rolls, slit rolls, sheet and collated sheet products, or formed products.

Benefits of Robotics in Converting Industry Applications

Easy To Use

  • Simple HMI screen(s) or operator pendant for recipe management of stored recipes
  • MCRI programming provides simple, easy to follow error reporting and error recovery
  • Easy access robot cell layouts for simple changeover, easy maintenance, and easy equipment error recover and restart

Reduced Costs

  • Fully automatic operation can eliminate most or all related palletizing/packaging labor
  • Workmen’s comp claim and expense reduction
  • Floor space reduction
  • Improved quality due to reliable, precise, repeatable handling. FANUC iR Vision Error Checking or other automated inspection processes can provide 100% part inspection

Flexible and Precise

  • Product may be stacked in upright or horizontal orientation using automatic tool changers
  • End of Arm tooling can be made adjustable for a wide range of product sizes and pick positions
  • Flexible shrink wrapping, heat shrink wrapping, and label print and apply can all be done within a packaging operation
  • Precise, repeatable, proven 6-axis servo-controlled system


Upgradeable, Expandable, and Re-deployable

  • Upstream and downstream operations can be added to a robotic work cell in the future
  • Initial investment is protected since much of it can typically be re-deployed in the event of a major product or process change
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