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Pun-ctilious Palletizing Cells

Everybody knows that palletizing to fill orders takes creative and punctilious palletizing. Well, Motion Controls Robotics has designed a variety of palletizing cells that have helped our customers improve their processes. Pun-ctilious palletizing is a way to explore the variety of palletizing cells we build for customers. While the pun’s value of quality is disputed among literary geniuses, we think it is a great way to explain our palletizing cells!

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Robotic palletizing cells come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of automation. While all our palletizing cells feature a FANUC robot suited to handle your process there are other layers of automation.

Palletizing Cells Automation Options

  • Pallet Dispensers
  • Conveyor Automation
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles/Carts (AGV/AGC)
  • Wrappers
  • Gudel Rails

Pun-ctilious Palletizing Cells

We can design the pun-ctilious palletizing cells that will certainly help you to meet your production goals:

  1. The Sleeper Cell

    This inline palletizing cell doesn’t take up much space and basically just gets the job done picking cases or product from an inline conveyor and placing based on programmed pallet patterns. Visit a Sleeper Cell

  2. The Plant Cell

    Found in its name, this is the most common type of robotic palletizing cell plant are installing as an end of line solution. This cell has options for multiple case sizes and pallet patterns that run on the same line with row forming for pick and place palletizing. Adding another level of automation with a pallet dispenser. Visit a Plant Cell

  3. The Eukaryotic Cell

    Adding layer building and more robots these larger and more complex palletizing cells are designed to build different layer patterns based on orders. Product is scanned and filtered into a specific pallet build station. Automation continues with pallet dispensing and removal to wrappers. Visit a Eukaryotic Cell

  4. The Ex-cell

    When production volume is high and complex, a centralized palletizing system offers lots of rows and columns with sorting and filtering. Unitizing using robots on rails for multiple stacks and AGVs to remove completed stacks. Visit an Ex-Cell

  5. The Nerve Cell

    Punctilious palletizing really comes into play – with robotics no more crossing your fingers the stack doesn’t fall. Stacking tall pallets of product is a breeze.Visit a Nerve Cell

  6. The Cylindrical Cell

    Stacking cylinders includes any round products. The variety of palletizing types can include in-line, row building or layer building for full layer palletizing.  Add an automated pallet dispenser for consistent and continued product movement. Visit a Cylindrical Cell

  7. The Supersedure Cell – Depalletizing

    Removing product layers from incoming pallets, these cells automate the scanning and depalletizing of incoming product that must be moved on to different areas of the facility. Adding automation and robots to remove pallets and slip sheets. Visit a Supersedure Cell

  8. The Platelet

    We can even stack flat objects like panels, boards and plastic sheets – product is moved into the palletizer and can be stacked by pick and place or product can also be turned for more consistent stacks. Visit The Platelet

palletizing cells

We offer you an opportunity to have MCRI visit your facility to help you select the palletizing cell that best fits your total process, or you can visit our facility to watch a few palletizing cells in action.

Find out more info on Palletizing Cells Contact Motion Controls Robotics to Inquire about Palletizing

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